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liv_icons's Journal

Liv Tyler Icons!! and graphics
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Welcome to the community! This is for people to show off and share lovely Liv Tyler icons and graphics they've made. 'Graphics' does not mean pictures. Do not just post Liv pictures. This is a community for graphics you have created. Graphics include but are not limited to: icons, wallpapers, headers, friends-only banners, mood themes.


If there are any problems with certain members or posts they will be deleted. Consider this your warning. Let's keep this fun!

+ Please stick only to Liv, there are plenty of communities for other celebrities.

+ As a general courtesy, be sure to credit the author.

+ When posting large images or more than one please use the lj-cut.

+ Non-icon / graphics related advertising in the community will not be allowed. It will be treated the same as an off-topic post. That is to say it will be deleted and consider this your second warning, you will be removed from the community. And please, if you are going to advertise, don't make your fonts enormous. We have eyes. We can see the post!

Please check out everything Liv at lovely_liv!

Link to us!